Tamara Steger's new article on Roma social and environmental exclusion

This article builds on extensive field research on predominantly Roma-occupied spaces (i.e., ‘settlements’) in Slovakia and focuses on the nature and function of Roma segregation and separation in Slovakia from an ecological socio-political, and economic standpoint. Based on Loïc Wacquant’s work on ethno-racial segregation and the concept of environmental justice, we discuss social and environmental discrimination as one of the constituent elements in understanding Roma socio-spatial marginalization and its functions, and employ the neologism, ‘hyper-osada’ as a tool to conceptually and analytically investigate the new impetus and recent trajectory of Roma segregation and separation. A final version of the article is published as follows: Filcak, Richard and Tamara Steger. Ghettos in Slovakia. Confronting Roma Social and Environmental Exclusion ANALYSE & KRITIK 12/2014; 36(2):229-250.