Environmental and Social Justice Film and Discussion Series, beginning November 2011

The Environmental and Social Justice Action Research group will host a film and discussion series, beginning November 2011. 

Agrodiversity, Urban Gardening, and Food Sovereignty

Film Festival and Roundtable Discussion

Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 5.30 - 8 p.m.

CEU Auditorium



A Farm for the Future, (Rebecca Hosking, BBC,2009, 48 min.) investigates how to transform a family farm in Devon, England into a low energy system.

Banking Diversity, (USC Canada, 2010, 8 min.) highlights community seed banks in Ethiopia and explains the critical role that seed-saving and seed diversity play in ensuring a stable global food supply.

Seeds  for Change, (Vedegylet, 2011, 7 min.) documents the first international seed swap held in Szeged, Hungary last year in conjunction with the 6th European Forum on Agrodiversity, "Let's liberate diversity!"

Dig for Victory, (UK Ministry for Information, 1942, 6 min.) provides a historical perspective on the trend of urban gardening in times of crisis.

Reap what you sow, Eat what you grow, (Suma Josson, 2011, 11 min.) documents the work of Urban Leaves, an urban organic agriculture movement in Mumbai, India, showing how applying ecological principles and practices to maintain soil fertility and crop health is especially relevant in urban settings, and how urban gardens build community.

La Via Campesina in Movement...Food Sovereignty Now!  (LVC, 2010, 9 min. clip) presents social movements' struggles for peasant agriculture and food sovereignty all around the world.


The films will be followed by comments by:
Adam Fulop,   Reclaim the Fields
Csilla Kiss, Vedegylet
Itai Tanyanyiwa, PhD student, Dept. of Env. Science and Policy
Facilitated by Guntra Aistara, CEU Environmental and Social Justice Action Research Group and the Department of Environmental Science and Policy


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