May 11: Weeding and harvesting on the edible rooftop: Hippolyte de Bellefriod and Dalia Hashweh


By the end of a sunny and warm afternoon, the organic gardening session began.  The tiny seeds that were planted several months ago had become huge delicious plants (most of them).  The time had come to harvest them! Nevertheless, we first began to talk about weeding, vegetable are not the only ones to grow.  Fortunately for us, the garden being in a city and on a rooftop, the weeds were not a huge problem.  Therefore, we did not spend much time on them.  We just explained how to counter them.


After weeding the three weeds in the garden, we could finally harvest! Some rules of thumb and pointers regarding harvesting were outlined to have a good understanding of when is the good time to do it.

Indeed, in order to determine the right time to begin harvesting, sufficient knowledge of the crop was required. For example, spinach leaves should be removed before they get yellow and within a week of full leaf formation. Herbs should be harvested before they’ve gone to seed. 

The theory having been explained, the practical part could begin! Everyone took knifes and rubber bands and began to collect the different vegetables.  There was a great diversity of vegetables: spinach, some radishes, kale, onions, garlics. We amassed a small mountain of vegetables on a table, enough to feed an entire army (a small one).  The session ended with everyone going back home with the harvested vegetables.

To sum up, this session was a great opportunity to enjoy a great weather, learn about gardening, making friends and get really healthy organic free food! What more can you ask for?