Starting the season – March 10, 2017, by Katalin Tarr

After the long weeks of harsh winter weather, finally we could get outside of the classroom and start realizing our garden plan.

First, we started the seeding of tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, and salad greens in little pots. Some of the seeds were of local, traditional species. Besides these, we used high value organic seeds, therefore we dealt with them carefully, placing one seed in one little hole. We watered them and placed the pots inside, in a room with abundant sunlight.  

Then we headed to the rooftop garden, where we started working on the aeration and loosening of the soil. We also seeded some cold-bearing species directly into the soil – such as leafy greens, carrorts, and beets, based on the garden plan developed in the classroom earlier. Thanks to the few days of warm and sunny weather, the spinach from last autumn grew some fresh leaves, so we could already harvest some spinach, which gave us a great deal of motivation for the rest of the gardening season.

Finally, we were working on the compost: we moved and aerated the existing compost, and we added some layers of different organic material, such as dried garden prunings, and organic waste obtained from the campus cafeteria (leftover of fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetable peels, eggshells, etc.).