Organic Gardening and Local Food Systems experiences, by Dorottya Oláh

The principles of permaculture (Source:

Learning by doing is my all-time favorite way to acquire new skills and learn new things. While the weather was still gray and unwelcoming, we have spent the early afternoons of Fridays inside, planning what to do and learning how to do it – the only thing missing was a fireplace to sit around while sharpening the hoes and fixing broken shovel handles. We were gardening in mind, we’ve tried to understand how soil and plants work together, how everything natural has its role and nothing goes to waste. We got familiar with the principles of permaculture, the design elements, how organic farming works, how to properly build a compost pile, which plants help other and how, and so on. 

We designed our own gardens, carefully planning crop rotations, pairing plants and applying everything we have learned. We have racked our brains for hours to figure out the concept, the layout, the plants and the rotations for the rooftop garden on top of CEU Nádor 15 building. Planted seeds of beans, tomatoes, salads to transplant later while it was raining heavily outside, carried the seedlings back and forth to save them from the crazy April snowfall.


Seedlings of salad greens; garlics doing great, with the yet empty herb spiral in the background (own images)

We tend to the compost, water, weed, and continuously plant new seeds and build new structures (such as the tomato trellis or the herb spiral) to make this little piece of earth happier and more welcoming for everyone.




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