About us

ACT JUST is a platform for dialogue, scholarship, and activism in environmental and social justice.

In a world that is increasingly complex, people are facing constant challenges  in their everyday lives involving secure meaningful opportunities for sustaining themselves, their families, and the environment.  At the same time, the wealth of opportunity for a very small percentage of the world's population has been expanding resulting in a tremendous rise in social inequality manifested as limitations on access to environmental goods (food, water, air, etc.) and disproportionate exposure to environmental risks. 


We seek to:

  • understand the processes through which these changes have occurred
  • understand how various groups are responding to them 
  • explore and establish ways to steer away from this worrying trend in social inequality
  • take action against environmental and social injustice

Our Aims:  

  • to initiate a transnational, interdisciplinary network among scholars exploring the effects of neoliberal policies on environmental and social justice, and ways to move beyond current paradigms
  • to conduct participatory, action-oriented research with social activists on local initiatives that demonstrate and seek to replicate creative, innovative responses to economic and ecological crises
  • to build linkages and collaboration between activists and academics to promote environmental and social justice

Our Interests: